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Training Programme for Staff Held in the Month of April 2014

The training programme was held on 2nd April and 16th April, 2014. It was led by Dr. Divine Mawuli Akwensivie, a lecturer at the Methodist University College and a marketing analyst for the hospital. The topic was “The Theory of Consumer Expectation”

Staff were trained on patient expectations when they visit a facility. 

Staff were taught that information stimulates our sensory receptors i.e. sends signals to the brain. Information passed on increases or decreases the alertness levels of the sensory receptors – Eye, Nose, Ear, Tongue and Skin. 

Staff were taught that where the facility promises a certain brand promise (e.g. excellent service, affordable prices, neat environment, etc.) and their client/ patient realizes that their expectation falls below the brand promise, dissatisfaction sets in. but where expectations meets brand promises, there is satisfaction.

Staff were also taught that sensory receptors become less alert if brand promises are low and become more alert if brand promises are high.

Staff were entreated to always put their best at work and make sure that client expectations are met. This he said could be achieved by abiding the organization’s goals, values and mission.

Each department was tasked to provide five (5) promises to enhance their work. 

The training programme ended at 5: 10pm.