About Event

Outcome of Staff Durbar held on 8th October, 2014

The staff durbar started at 3:40pm. It was held at the waiting area in front of the pharmacy department. The Matron said the opening prayer. The General Manager welcomed all staff to the durbar. Out of 56 staff, 51 were present and 5 staff were absent. He told members this was the second time management of the hospital was meeting with staff.

Purpose of the staff durbar: The General Manager told staff that the purpose of the durbar was to fraternize with staff, talk about our success so far, discuss problems and know the way forward.
All new staff who had joined the hospital from May, 2014 were formally welcomed to the hospital. The GM thanked staff for coming to the durbar. He told staff that as this was durbar, all staff were entreated to talk and contribute at the durbar.
The Chairman (Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye- C.E.O) for the durbar was introduced to staff.

Speakers for the durbar: The General Manager introduced staff to the speakers. The speakers were: 

1.    Doctor Divine Akwensivie (an expert in marketing and a lecturer at the Methodist University College Ghana).
2.    Doctor Afriye (The Chief Executive officer of St. John’s Hospital & Fertility Centre).