Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate your hospital?
Our hospital is located at Tantra Hill interchange or roundabout just behind the Goil filling station.
Do you operate 24 hours a day?
Yes, we do operate 24 hours a day with NHIS included.
How do I contact your hospital?
You can contact us by calling our Front Desk Staff on 050-1258-518 or click on our Contact page to send us a quick mail.
Which services do you offer?
We offer many services such as Antenatal, Gynaecology, Dental, Ultrasound Scan and many others. Please click on Services in the navigation meny above to view all our services.
Where do I find your clinic days and hours?
You can find our clinic days and hours on the right sidebar of all our pages. You can also contact us for more details.
Do you have a Pharmacy?
Yes, we have a well stocked Pharmacy with assorted drugs for the treatment of many kinds of diseases.
Do you have a Laboratory?
Yes, we have a well equiped lab that also operates 24 hours a day and runs lab tests like Micro Biology, FBC, FBS, Hb Electrophoresis, Executive profile and many others. Please contact us for more details.
Do you accept NHIS cards?
Yes, we do accept all valid NHIS cards at our hospital.
Do you accept private insurance cards?
Yes, we do accept private insurance cards. You can get the list of private insurance cards we accept by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage.
Do you have internet access at your hospital?
Yes, you get free unrestricted internet access on your mobile devices at our hospital.