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Cholera Awareness and Prevention

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The rains are here yet again and it’s very imperative that protect ourselves from cholera which can become an epidemic during such a time. The most common symptom of cholera is diarrhea and abdominal cramps. The infection and the symptoms usually last for a week and if not treated properly or at the right time, cholera can also result in death. So the best way to protect yourself from cholera is to prevent the infection. Here are some tips to prevent cholera

1. Use clean water for drinking and cooking. Get it tested for any bacteria from an accredited laboratory. If the samples test positive for the bacteria, inform your civic body. Avoid drinking that water directly. Boil it for a long time before drinking or using it for cooking. Also, if you use a water purifier, get the water samples after purification tested. If that too tests positive, call the service provider and get the filters replaced.

2. Wash your hands every time you visit the loo and every time you are about to eat. Hands should be washed for a minimum of one minute with soap and rinsed with clean water. Make sure your server or cook also washes his hands clean before cooking and serving.

3. Eat with a clean and washed spoon and plates.

4. Eat food that is thoroughly cooked and avoid eating raw food. Your food should be hot and should be consumed within two hours of cooking. As time passes, the bacterial load in the food starts increasing and you are more likely to get an infection. Also, avoid eating food that has been cooked in the morning for dinner and vice versa.

5. Maintain personal hygiene. Clip your nails regularly and make sure your cook or server also cuts his nails regularly and does not have any dirt in his nails.  Avoid touching things unnecessarily. Also, avoid putting things in your mouth like chewing on a pen cap or biting your nails. Make sure your children don’t do it either.